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Logger and Trucker Compensation Indices (Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Brooks Mendell, Forisk)

  • Project Objectives: to develop indices to determine if compensation (pay and benefits) in the logging industry is competitive with other occupations, in four regions of the country, with recommendations for improving competitiveness of logging-related occupations.
  • Status of Project summarized in this Presentation.

Utilization of Phone Application Technology to Record Log Truck Movements (Marissa “Jo” Daniel, Dr. Tom Gallagher, Tim McDonald, and Mathew Smidt)

  • Project Objectives: to develop and test a Google-based app to monitor truck movements and delays and to archive data for analysis.
  • Status of Project summarized in this Presentation.

Factors Affecting Fiber Delivery Time from the Stump to the Mill and Return

Project Objectives: The objectives of this Project (and selection of a research team) are still under development and refinement.

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